Piper Lyons is a fitness entrepreneur and enthusiast who is an RRCA certified long distance running coach who created and operated ShamRockersUSA from 2006 to 2014. Now CEO of Team ImageAthletic and IMAGEnHealth. Athlete and coach, self educated plant based nutritionist and educator to those who seek a better life; a mentor to those who seek a healthier, more adventurous way of experiencing life and a spiritual soul mate to those who know there’s a purpose to life. There is much to be said about Piper however it is far more fun to learn all of it in person.
Steven Bentley has run Bentley Coaching, an endurance sports coaching company, since 1990 coaching age group and elite athletes to 1000s of triathlon, Ironman and running races around the world.  He’s been Coach of the Year before and has raced all over the world including the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.  He’s an expert at helping people get the most out of their training.  He currently spends a lot of his time sharing performance and healthy aging nutrition with people who want more out of life and helps people create secondary income streams to secure their financial future.

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“We all have the gift of free will. We have to make choices everyday in order to move through life. Choose to feel good going through life. It is much easier to deal with what ever is thrown at you. Piper is motivation and support at it’s purest form. Some people in our lives suck the energy right out of us. Energy radiates from Piper and goes into everyone around her. My husband Jerry and I are constantly on the go. We weren’t taking care of ourselves. Having Piper cook a week of meals and snacks for us was a gift. The food is delicious and properly combined. The human body is amazing and will respond to proper fuel quickly. I love the information Piper shares, it is not only informative but is in a format that is actually a pleasure to read. It is so much help to understand the needs of our body and how to achieve fulfilling them. Just get started. The thing I love about Piper is that she listens to you and what you like. We had her cook for us at first and then we took the reigns and she is good with that. Of course I am addicted to her juice and she keeps us supplied with that. Feel better!”

– Dawn Standifer, Sarasota, FL


I am writing this testimonial to you after a long thought process on what I really want to do with my life. We have been communicating for the last six months about Isogenix and the benefits of the company plus the benefits of the products.

I am that proverbial doubting Thomas that wants to know that everything will work out before giving it a try. I know that it works for you and many other people after reading their testimonials online so what am I afraid of ? I have pondered that question many times over the last several months and have come to the conclusion that it is fear. Fear of not knowing the outcome, fear of failure, fear of other people thinking I am crazy for going outside the box in a new adventure. Fear of venturing into the unknown at the age of 69 without a secure outcome.

I have decided to toss those fears aside and join Piper Millionaires to make the world a better place. Teach people about proper nutrition. Show them that taking care of themselves through diet and exercise can mean a lifetime of joy and health.

I consider myself to be a relatively healthy, active and fit 69 year old person. I exercise daily and eat a proper and healthy diet most of the time. A recent event in my daily life allowed me to realize how important it is to take care of myself . On Sunday morning I decided to venture out on a long bike ride. (bicycle) I live a mile from Legacy Trail in Venice so I decided I would make it about a 20 mile ride. I was about 2 miles into the ride when my front wheel of the bike went off the path. I quickly tried to correct it and overcorrected it by turning the wheel too quickly and me and the bike went flying. I landed on the pavement with the bike on top of me. My water bottle was crushed. I landed on my knee. I cautiously accessed the damage to me and the bike. I had a pretty bad scrape on my left knee but nothing seemed to be wrong. Not much blood just some skin scraped off. I decided since I wasn’t bleeding much I would continue on my ride. I ended up riding 22 miles. After I arrived home I felt a good deal of pain in the knee that was not scraped. It is Wednesday and after taking some time off and pampering myself a little from the crash I feel great. An annoying scab on my scraped knee and a few bruises but nothing else. At first I thought how fortunate I am ( and I am grateful for not being injured more) but then I started thinking. Some people my age simply move incorrectly and break a hip or foot or another bone in their body. Maybe I only sustained such slight injuries because I take care of myself ALL the time. Maybe my injuries healed quickly because I eat a healthy plant based diet. Perhaps it is time I gave myself credit for being a person that cares enough about my body to take care of it so it will heal and be able to resist stress be it mental or physical. I wonder what injuries I would have sustained had I not been taking care of myself. Maybe a trip to the ER ? Maybe a broken bone or two. I thank God I was not injured more and thank Him for letting me see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I am ready to get more involved in Isagenix and be able to have a healthier life than I do now. I am ready to get others involved in Isagenix as well and help them live a healthy life. I want to show my generation of people that there is more to life than to accept their only options are to run to see a doctor about an ache or pain and rely on pills to “feel better”. I want to show them that feeling better is achievable through proper diet and just a little exercise. Let’s show the world that it is not hopeless after 60. To become active and healthy through lifestyle and positive living. To make our Golden Years an adventure of health and happiness.

I am in 100%. Let’s Go . All aboard the Piper Train.”

– Nancy Marino, May 24, 2017

please enjoy this snippet into the life of an IMAGEnHealth Disciple .. these posts are from the myriad of our social medias to show just how much damn fun we are .. and how smart we are when it comes to tuning in to your needs and desires .. we care about you and have long ago dedicated our lives to helping others help themselves

when you’re ready to learn more, join us .. even as a voyeur, you will see the workouts, the nutritionals, the motivationals and watch the Athletes succeed at their own trainings .. then you can commit to the real change .. and we’ll be right there with ya

email piper@piperlyons.com or call 941-321-6208 for more info